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Financial & Investment 

As professional firm we offer financial consultancy to our client by analyzing the business to present finding and results either directly or through prospectus ,reports and dewdligance that form progress make relevant decisions also we work as financial advisors to for portfolios ,mutual funds and non financial institutions plus publishing financial reports about opportunities in Sudan   

Asset Evaluation

Our engineering consultants both civil and architecture are certified by Sudanese Engineering Council and approved by both Expert House Council and Central Bank Of Sudan that are able to evaluate different type of assets, classify, register so as to reach the real value of the assets for both using of this assets as collateral for finance or for insurance

Portfolio & Mutual Fund 

We offer customized strategies that can help address each client’s unique set of investment criteria, including liquidity needs and capital constraints. Our fundamental investment objectives focus on generating attractive returns, consistently outperforming the benchmark .and protecting capital in down markets. The key in generating consistent investment returns is the selection of investment portfolio’s that are expected to generate accelerating earning and cash flow growth.

Initial Public Offering 

Going public represents a significant milestone in the development the companies by increase publicity, expand business and marketing opportunities, how well a company handles wide ranges of IPO complexities can determine the success of IPO our Index IPO team can help pre-IPO companies meet those kinds of challenges, remain ahead of the curve, and keep their businesses moving in the right direction. by mitigating accounting risks and errors while allowing the management to focus on building the entity value through business execution.

Specialized Portfolios

We design different portfolios, such as real state, export, infrastructure feasibility studies structures and management of the portfolio by defining the role of the financial and, the technical and role of the Special purpose unit SPU that comply with the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions AAOIFI that control and standard portfolio management

Project Evaluations

We provide deep understanding of portfolio asset value, based on our experience in a wide range of Asset Classes, including Inventory, Machinery and Equipment, Real Estate, and Enterprise Valuation. We offer timely, accurate valuation services to support our clients and their advisers participating in mergers, and acquisition by expertly valuing their acquired or targeted companies, Index helps you make sounder financial decisions. We also report on the useful or economic life expectancy of specific assets and on future capital expenditures 

Environmental Studies & Research

Index certified environmental, Forest and community experts team are very professional with international recognition and attachment to NGO and Environmental Originations they do studies that fight carbon emission and achieve sustainable developments. We Index offering this service as professionally as possible.

Agricultural & Livestock  Studies

Index Consultant Agricultural Management is focused on providing financial services to diversified agricultural investment properties. Through this real-asset strategy, we provide investors with access to the favourable long-term market opportunities. Our team of experts strive to maximize returns and control risk through our discretionary decision making, improvements to the land and additional income sources. Our investors benefit from increasing agricultural productivity while practicing a careful stewardship of the land.

Custodian Services

We understand that dedicated professionals constantly need to mitigate risk, improve competitiveness and benefit from increased operational efficiencies. These are the guiding principles behind the development of our Custodian Services. Our core custody services are but not limited to, safekeeping, settlements, corporate actions, income collection, proxy voting, tax services and entitlement processing

Tailor Made Services

At index we understand that one size does not fit all, therefore we provide custom tailor made services packages for our clients to meet their needs and requirements. in a way that enable the clients to benefit of the varieties of services offer by Index with a product especially designed to them.


Al Mak Nemr St, Al Rana Building West of Imperial Hospital 1th Floor Apartment (5) Khartoum,Sudan


Email: Info@indexsudan.com
Phone: +249 18 374 9955